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[14:23 9.11.2017] J.R.
Onkohan joku Aukean käyttäjä, tai taiteilijakollega saanut seuraavanlaista sähköpostia:

My name is Jocelyn Page from United Kingdom. I actually observed my wife has been viewing your website on my laptop and i guess she likes your piece of work. I'm also impressed and amazed to have seen your various works too,You are doing a great job. I would like to purchase one of your artwork available at range of €500 to €5000 and ready for sale as a surprise to my wife on our anniversary. Also, my method of payment is by €uro Bank Check as mode of Payment.

Thanks and best regards.

Vastasin kohteliaisuussyistä ja kuukauden päästä tuli seuraava:


After going through the pictures i am okay with the present condition of the Art Work and i am also okay with your price of these items = (KR80,000.00)

30 000 kr

50 000 kr

Kindly let me have the full details below to issued out the €uro Bank Check as requested,so that my financial can issued out the payment procedures Asap..


Kindly get Back to me with the Above list of Details requested From you.

5,Strawberry Bank Parade,
Aberdeen City
AB11 6UT


Tänäaamuna tuli viimeisin:

Good Morning,
How are you doing and i hope you are enjoying the weather? I just got an update from my finance manager that payment has been issued out to your name and address information you given to me and you will surely received it this week Saturday or Tuesday.

Unfortunately my finance manager erroneously sent the wrong amount which is meant for payment to another customer due to be paid at the same time we paid you and never mind when you received the payment (CHECK) don't tear the check or return it,kindly deposit the Bank Check into your bank account and it take 1-3 days to cleared in your bank account and will give you further instruction for the next step.

Thirdly have also spoken to my Bank manager today and my Accountant concern the erroneously amount, they said there is no problem,you should go ahead with the payment (check) and deposit it to your bank account that will take some 1-3 days to cleared in your Bank Account and don't tear the Bank Check or don't return the Bank Check.
Thanks for your understanding and co-operation,so Kindly look into your letter box address starting from this week and get back to me immediately when you received and deposited it into your bank account.


The Bank Check has been Authorised by my bank manager,so deposit the Check in your bank account for clearance.

Please; Kindly read and understand the message and reply me immediately if you receive this message now.


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